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Portable Washing Machine

Components: washing machine barrel; frame; lid with threaded knob; barrel handle; occy strap (for stability during transport).
Operation: rotate barrel to near vertical position; locate small locking clip (on frame, where barrel spindle mounts to frame), rotate locking clip into hole on spindle (holds barrel upright, while loading garments, water, detergent); fit lid to barrel and turn to attach; wind down threaded knob to seal lid on barrel; fit chrome barrel handle to spindle; ttach it to the top then screw down to form a pressurised seal. Turn handle the handle to wash, pour out the suds, then spin again with fresh water to rinse.

Please make sure the item is clean and dry before returning.

Fee: A$ 0.00 per borrow

Condition: B - Fair
Code: MASS0015

A great little device to help you smell nice! Ideal for longer duration camping - especially with family - to avoid mountain of laundry. Easy to use and takes only a few minutes to complete a wash.
Capacity - large beach towel, or double bed sheet, or equivalent garments.

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