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Projector - digital video

Projector, case, power cord, connector cable (blue ends), screw-in height-adjusting legs (packet of 3), HDMI adaptor (white), stereo jack cord (white), remote control, guide sheet.
You can also borrow our projector screen if you need, but a white wall does nicely as well.

Fee: A$ 5.00 per borrow

Condition: A - As new
Brand: Dell - 318 S
Code: MASS0237

Show your photos / movies / cat videos, from your computer onto a big screen! We all have one of those too! ;-)

This is our brand new projector, compatible with Microsoft Windows Operating Systems, and Apple / Mac systems. You may wish to bring your device, and check any cable/connection queries before you take it home.
We have added our stereo jack cable, and HDMI adaptor. (see pics.)

Note! 3 height-adjusting legs must be fitted before using this device. These must also be removed after use, to allow projector to comfortably fit in its case.

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