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Slackline + ratchet / snatch strap / tie down strap

15m slackline with ratchet.
If you are attaching it to trees, please use a towel (or similar) to protect the tree. (Walking on the Slackline generates considerable force on the tree trunk.)

For instructions, check YouTube or similar.

Fee: A$ 0.00 per borrow

Condition: A - As new
Brand: Torpedo7
Code: MASS0356

Exercise equipment, party trick, child's plaything, latest craze!

Try out the latest outdoor phenomenon that is Slacklining with your very own Torpedo7 Slackline. Set it up in your garage, between two trees, or anywhere you have two fixed points.

Adjust the height to your level of confidence and you're away! First try to walk more than two steps (not as easy as it looks!), then move on to walking across the whole thing. Within no time you'll be hooked and working on muscle groups you never knew you had!

The Slackline also does wonders for your balance, hand-to-eye coordination, core strength and confidence.

With a load rating of 4000kg, this item can also be used as a tie down strap for restraining heavy items during removal or transportation.
It is not suitable for heavy vehicle towing or recovery.

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