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Kitchen food mixer - Breville Wizz

Mixer body (400 watt motor)
base/stand with detachable mounting point
instruction booklet
2 standard cake beaters
2 dough beaters
1 fabric bag for beaters, booklet.
2 glass bowls (replacements sought).

Fee: A$ 0.00 per borrow

Not available
Condition: A - As new
Brand: Breville
Code: MASS0526

Have an itch to cook/bake for the next week or so? Need to whip up all sorts of dishes for a big party?
This could be just the appliance for you!
It folds, it kneads, it creams, it beats, it whips, it blends, it aerates, and - funnily enough - it mixes too.
(Discount membership to anyone who compose and record all that in a Share Shed rap!)
The mixer motor/handle integrated unit, can be detached from base/stand when extra manoeuvrability is required.

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