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Hiking Stove (Metho)

1x lower perforated windscreen
1x upper windscreen
1x spirit stove
1x steel fry pan (also functions as lid)
1x steel pan (1.2L)
1x steel pan (1.8L)
1x clamp-on handle
1x bottle of detergent
1x steel wool
1x packing belt

Fee: A$ 0.00 per borrow

Condition: B - Fair
Brand: Sigg Switzerland
Code: MASS0639

Directions for use:
The SIGG TRAVELLER can be used in any weather; optimum performance and minimum fuel consumption is obtained in a wind-sheltered location.

Position the perforated side of the lower windscreen against the wind. Mount the upper windshield and turn the hooks inwards to permit the use of the 1.2L or 1.8L pans. Turn the hooks outwards if the frypan is to be used.

Use spirit as fuel (to prevent excessive smoke emission the spirit can be diluted with approx. 10% water). Fill spirit tank only to 2/3 capacity, this will provide roughly 25 minutes cooking time (1L water requires about 10 minutes to boil). A special slow burning ring can be applied to ensure even more economical operation. It is recommended to fill only as much spirit as required and to let the stove burn empty once cooking is completed. Then close using screw caps.

WARNING: Do not refill until the flame is fully extinguished!

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